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Monthly Archives: novembre 2015

22 Nov 2015

The Sun King Banquet

Discover one of the first drafts of « The Sun King Banquet », a live show performed at Castle of Versailles in March 2016. The Sun King Banquet dives you in the period of Louis XIV and make you a privileged guest of the Sun King. We begin by the end, the entrance of the Sun King. More drafts soon!

22 Nov 2015


You know what? We are happy! It’s still strictly confidential and we aren’t going to tell you more than Rodolph Nasillski has been called to design the new scenography of one of the most famous summer music festival in France. Scenography has always been a slight part of his job. Actually, he has always preferred to work with designers giving the line and leading the production, but in some case he’s called just to handle this part and it’s always […]

21 Nov 2015

New Website on line!

Welcome to the new website of Rodolph Nasillski. We hope you’ll like it. We know, it isn’t finished and we can’t do that! But, we can’t wait to share with you all things we do and love. Come again and again, we are constantly updated with everything we are up to!