• Born on December 30, 1975 in Rouen, France.
  • Acted professionally in a play for the first time in 1986.
  • Joined 'Joel Pagier' Drama Workshop in 1987 and Local Drama School of Le Havre in 1990.
  • Directed a play for the first time in 1992 ('A slight Ache' by Harold Pinter).
  • Worked on concerts and show as a technical or production team member to learn all the parts of his job.
  • Joined 'François Florent' Drama School in Paris in 1993 and 'French National Drama School '(CNSAD) in 1995. Quit this last one to write and direct his first large-scale show ('Il était une fois' -Once Upon A Time- in Toulouse, France).
  • Wrote and directed his second large-scale show 1 year after ('Juste un tour' -Just A Walk- in Montreal, Canada). Both were awarded the first prizes (Golden Faust and Golden Ray).
  • Worked for television as a scriptwriter and a director and continued to work as a production manager on music tours or events.
  • Dedicated himself to large-scale shows as a writer, a director, and an artistic director in France and all over the world in 2000.
  • Founded Artwork Production in 2003 to improve his work by handling the executive production of his shows.
  • Sold his company and worked with international companies such as Eca2, Havas Events, Publicis Events or Prisme Entertainment on projects in Europe, Middle-East and Asia.
  • Worked as a ghostwriter on international events too.
  • Continues to create shows in France ('Départ Immédiat !' -Start Now!- or 'Comme un Appel' -Like A Call- all of them in 2012) and abroad (China, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait...)
  • Last but not least, Rodolph is writing his new show. Something special, something weird, something... to be defined.