COLORS QUEST | Shanghai, China

  • Permanent Show in China


Permanent show in Shanghai

Show Director | Writer | Set Designer

The This is America Tour has a unique visual approach. Can you describe how this was achieved?

Donald wanted to create the feeling of open space. The stage is simple, clean — there’s no LED wall in the background. It’s almost as if the guts of the show are exposed to the audience. To help keep this feeling of open space on the stage, the musicians perform in downstage pits on either side while sound effects and a great audio system give the sound power. Donald and his team wanted the highest-quality immersive sound experience possible while still offering a relatively unobstructed view of the stage.

Most arena shows have massive LED coverage, but after discussing with the artist and his management, we designed two automated “blades” for our main structure and storytelling device. Each blade has a reflective LED surface on one side and lighting on the other. These two structures are automated, allowing the blades to hover onstage horizontally as well as to rotate on their axis. This design created interesting illusions with physical movement and lighting. The process also incorporated some powerful laser moments allowing volumetric looks inside the show.